March 2015

march came in like a lion

game night/chipotle feast/going-away for Team Leh

i haven't laughed this hard in a while.  check out Pat's drawing of "Rambo."  

the tooth fairy must've just come from brazil, bc laurel got some very special brazilian coins that night!

my friend cara was in philly for a conference and we got to have a sushi date

we told him that perhaps "falconie" wasn't the best name for this guy.  
so, here, i give you freddy and his falcon, "Zit."

daddy/daughter or princess and her hero dance


what a foursome!

mr tom came to visit and got a full dose of spidey-ness

happy 10th birthday jude hess!!!

he needed to fix his car.  hilarious.

happy st. patrick's day!!

happy boys in the woods

gettin kinda old...

"mommy, this pink one inspires me..."

swim lessons with team leh

lala's 1st grade program


bowling night.  
WHY oh WHY did we not do this every friday night during this long winter?  
(oh, i don't know, maybe bc the league bowlers HATED us after one night??) 


gonna be very very different without all these folks next year :-(


February 2015

we didn't really care who won the super bowl.  but i love the seahawks' colors.  ha!

man oh man this made me laugh

because one day i know i'll look back at this and think "how beautiful" instead of "AGAIN?!"

i try not to post too many annoying food pictures, but pat said this is one of the best things he's ever tasted.  he certainly works hard for a good meal!

some mornings with this little dude are SO SWEET

look at my SEVEN year old!!!

the best gift this year was a locket from daddy to his little girl

my boyz

laurel's present from buddy and kissy.  isn't it fabulous??  i can't wait to see that big girl swing the racket again this spring.  thank you buddy and kissy!

"laurel would you rather me take you to school today or go spend the day in new york...?"  SURPRISE!!!

on the train

better shots of the locket.

first stop - american girl place to get katherine's hair done and to design matching t-shirts for the birthday girl and katherine ;-)


second stop - the lego store!  (and to watch the ice skaters at rockefeller plaza)
third stop - ellen's stardust diner for lunch

such a fun place.  these two weren't the most talented of the wait staff.  we heard some serious talent there!

with a surprise visit from sarah!  BONUS

then we walked down broadway to the massive ToysRus in times square

we rode the incredibly cool ferris wheel and picked out a toy for the fredster.  then we said goodbye to sarah, and hurried a couple blocks to the last and biggest surprise...

terrible picture, but look how excited!
we enjoyed watching aladdin and jasmine then headed home.
what a DAY ~~ i love you Laurel Katherine Rayner!

it's freezing cold outside.  therefore we are addicted to puzzles and legos.

my BS girls got together one week for cheese, wine, and wedding albums.  that was pretty hilarious.   
pat and freddy went with doug and jude to test-drive his new pick up truck.
and freddy and i ride down to medford on tuesday mornings with Team Leh for swim lessons.

precious friends

typical after-dinner activity

happy valentine's day 2015!

we got to have a double date and forgot to get a picture of our handsome dates!

we switched places on the bunk bed.
laurel is practicing her cursive and loves to read to freddy (while wearing skates).
and i LOVE the valentine freddy brought home from school.

that's just stupid, no?

P (finally) had a little surgery at the urologist's a few weeks ago...
he recovered in Big Daddy's chair in front of the tv for a few days.  
doug stopped by to bring him a few books and shoveled our driveway.  what a FRIEND!!!
we did enjoy having daddy home for a few days.  :-)

even if he does use "inappropriate words!"

Sarah ROCKS!  
thank you so much for the book and the cd!

the workmen came to cut down the big beautiful (dead, apparently) tree in our backyard.  
we were so sad, but it did provide lots of entertainment!

and lots of firewood for somebody

a bit of a ham, at moments like these

so is this one!

"wha wha wha wha whatcha doin fweddy?"

these were both taken in tupelo, mississippi a few weeks ago!  
the one on the left is of mom's back deck, and the one on the right is clearly of Narnia.  or highland circle.  ;-)

my sweet friend emily and her hubby travis and the whole herring family welcomed baby Charlie into the world on February 20th.  i cannot wait to meet that precious little man!

as of february 26th, Pat and I have been married for 10 years!
somebody made an anniversary card for me.
not sure who...?

yes, you are right, darling, i am so lucky.
but wow!

when you've been married 10 years you no longer take pictures of faces when you celebrate? 
one decade down, several more to go!